Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2023 | Spring Flowers, Flower Parades, Events & More

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Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2024

21 March to 12 May

The Netherlands, also considered the land of flowers, is a sight for sore eyes during spring. Every year, Amsterdam, the country's capital, conducts the Amsterdam Tulip Festival to celebrate the arrival of the spring season. It marks the beginning of spring in Holland. Keukenhof Gardens are the main attraction during the festival, and tulips and other flowers of several colors and varieties are on display.

Several flower events are conducted during the festival, and each event gives a different experience to the visitors. Well, keep reading to know all about the star event - the Amsterdam Tulip Festival!

What is the Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

yellow and purple tulips in keukenhof gardens

Amsterdam tulip season starts mid-March and continues till the middle of May, and the Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024 will be held from 21 March to 12 May (from 8am to 7:30 pm), which is the best time to see tulips in Holland.

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival celebrates the arrival of spring. Tulip flowers bloom during the spring season, and hence, the festival is the best time to see tulips in Holland. Every year, more than a million visitors flood Amsterdam to welcome spring and wander the streets of the city, enjoying the breathtaking beauty of tulips.

Keukenhof Gardens, the flower parade, and tulip fields in full bloom are some of the festival's best attractions.

Highlights of the Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2024

The colorful flower fields filled with bloomed flowers make the spring festival of Amsterdam special. During the festival, most parts of Amsterdam turn picture-perfect, adorned with all the colors and beauty of tulips and other flowers. The Amsterdam tulip festival is the best time to see tulips in Amsterdam, as this opens a chance to witness the most vibrant sight of the year. Out of all the events being conducted during the spring, the Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024, the blooming tulip fields, the magnificent flower parade, and a visit to a real farm are something that you must not miss out on.

keukenhof gardens with blooming tulips and visitors walking around
pink tulip field in amsterdam
tulip farm

Tulip Farms

To make the most of your trip to Amsterdam, visit tulip farms during the Amsterdam Tulip Festival when millions of blossoming flowers enchant visitors. These farms, specializing in flower bulbs or blooms, offer two distinct experiences. Fields showcase natural beauty, while greenhouse-grown flowers grace global flower shops. For an authentic festival experience, explore farms focusing on tulip bulb cultivation, displaying the true essence of these vibrant blooms.

flower parade in amsterdam

Amsterdam Flower Parade

Spring events in Amsterdam revolve around tulips, making it the prime season to witness these blooms in Holland. Among the best attractions is the Flower Parade Bollenstreek, a highlight of the spring festival. Decorated fleets of flowers adorned with hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips are sure to dazzle you. The Keukenhof Flower Parade is best enjoyed from Keukenhof Boulevard, conveniently located in front of the park for visitors to combine both experiences.

Flower Shows at Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024

Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands organizes several flower shows during the spring season. Here’s a list of the Keukenhof flower shows happening this year in case you’re planning a visit.

indoor flower show at keukenhof gardens

Oranje Nassau Pavilion

  • Hyacinths and Tulip Show: 21 March to 26 March
  • Freesia and Chrysanthemum Show: 28 March to 2 April
  • Rose Show: 4 April to 9 April
  • Daffodils and Special Bulb Show: 11 April to 16 April
  • Alstroemeria and Calla Show: 18 April to 23 April
  • Gerbera, Lisianthus and Calla Show: 25 April to 30 April
  • Carnation and Summer Flowers Show: 2 May to 12 May
indoor flower show at keukenhof

Beatrix Pavilion

Anthurium and Orchid Show: 21 March to 12 May

Willem-Alexander Pavilion

  • Various Flower and Plant Show: 21 March to 12 May

Other Flower Shows at Keukenhof Gardens

  • Holland Heritage Weekend: 29 March to 30 March
  • Romance at Keukenhof: 11 May to 12 May

Frequently Asked Questions About Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2024

When is Amsterdam Tulip Festival taking place in 2024?

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival is taking place from 21 March to 12 May, 2024 at Keukenhof Gardens. The Amsterdam Flower Parade is set to take place on 20 April 2024.

What is the best time to see tulips in Amsterdam?

The best time to see tulips in Amsterdam is from mid-April to mid-May. This is when the tulips are on display in their full, blooming glory. In 2024, the Tulip Festival is beginning on the 21 March and would go on until the 12 May. To catch the best views and spend some quiet hours at the Gardens, make sure to reach early and visit during weekdays.

What are some of the things to do at Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival marks the beginning of spring in the city. The city is adorned with flowers and to make the most of it, you must plan your visit to Keukenhof Gardens, sightsee blooming tulip fields, and tulip farms. The Amsterdam Flower Parade is beautiful to witness and shouldn't be missed.

Can I buy tickets to the Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

Yes, you can buy Keukenhof Gardens tickets to witness the Amsterdam Tulip Festival.

Where is the Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

While the Amsterdam Tulip Festival is celebrated throughout the city, Keukenhof Gardens are the main spring season attraction in Amsterdam. The Keukenhof Flower Parade 2024 will take place on 20 April.

What is the best place to see tulips during the Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

The entire city of Amsterdam celebrates the Tulip Festival with full gusto. However, if you wish to see endless tulip beds in full bloom, the best place to see tulips during the Amsterdam Tulip Festival is the Keukenhof Gardens.

What month do the tulips bloom in Amsterdam?

While there are many flowers that bloom during spring in Amsterdam, the popular tulips that have given the name to the Amsterdam Tulip Festival bloom in mid-April. The blooming of the flowers is heavily dependent on the weather.

Where can I buy tickets to Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024?

You can book your Keukenhof Gardens tickets online to reserve your spot and avoid standing in long lines. There are many tickets and guided tours with transfers from Amsterdam available for the Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024.