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Keukenhof Gardens I World's largest flower garden

The Keukenhof Gardens witness the blooming of over seven million flowers, including over 800 species of tulips! Tulip Garden Keukenhof is located within the Bollenstreek region, making it an ideal Amsterdam day trip and the most convenient location to enjoy the tulip season.

Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2024 | 21 March to 12 May

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival will take place in Tulip Garden Keukenhof from 21 March to 12 May. You can also combine your visit to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens with a visit to the most famous flower parade in the Netherlands.

Why visit Keukenhof Gardens?

Tulip Garden Keukenhof
  • Breathtaking Tulip Displays: Keukenhof Gardens, known as the "Garden of Europe," boasts over 7 million tulips and blooming bulbs, creating a stunning spectacle of vibrant colors and intricate floral arrangements.
  • Perfect for Photography: Keukenhof provides an ideal backdrop for photographers with its vibrant hues and meticulous designs. From close-up shots of tulips to sweeping landscapes, it's a paradise for capturing nature's beauty.
  • Rich in Cultural Heritage: Originating from a former castle estate, Keukenhof offers more than just flowers. Explore the gardens to uncover the region's history and floral traditions, providing deep cultural insight into Holland's heritage.
  • Family Fun for Everyone: Beyond the blooms, Keukenhof is a family-friendly destination. You can go on a cycling or boating tour or even check out a working windmill, making it an enjoyable outing for all ages.
  • Exciting Events and Parades: Keukenhof hosts special events like the vibrant flower parade, where colorful floats adorned with tulips and daffodils fill the air with joy. 

Things to know before booking your Keukenhof Gardens tickets

  • Walk-ins are not allowed at Keukenhof Gardens. Every ticket has a timed entry slot, so please ensure you stick to it. Unfortunately, you may have to re-purchase your ticket to get an entry if you miss your slot.
  • The best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens is either before 10:30am or past 4pm on weekdays. During these hours, you won't encounter a huge crowd, allowing ample space for a quiet exploration.
  • If you are traveling to Keukenhof in your car, make sure to buy parking tickets beforehand. There are only limited parking slots available.
  • Keukenhof Gardens is only a pedestrian park. This means that cycling is restricted inside the gardens, but you can rent a bike from the car park near the main entrance to explore the garden's surrounding area.
  • To make the most of your visit to Keukenhof, it's best to purchase a guided day tour. These tickets offer a well-rounded experience, from transportation services to an experienced guide.

Which Keukenhof Gardens tickets is best for you?

Tulip Garden Keukenhof

If you are on a budget

Go for: Entry tickets

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Audio

  • With these tickets, you can enter the Keukenhof Gardens without any hassle. Leisurely explore the garden and its floral offerings, click gorgeous selfies, and enjoy flower exhibitions like the Rose Show, Freesia and Chrysanthemum Show, etc.
  • After your garden exploration, you can also opt for a 1-hour Amsterdam Canal Cruise. The cruise comes with a GPS audio guide in 19 languages.

Recommended tours:

Tulip Garden Keukenhof

To make the most of your day

Go for: Day trips or guided tours

Duration: Flexible; can be between 6-9 hours

Guide: Yes, depending on which ticket you choose

  • Day trip or guided tours are ideal if you want a fun-filled day, loaded with activities like a boat cruise, windmill cruise, learning wooden shoe-making, cheese-tasting, and tour of Volendam and Marken.
  • Depending on your chosen ticket, these tours may include live commentary or an audio guide in several languages. Additionally, these tickets include roundtrip transfers by AC bus.

Recommended tours:

Tulip Garden Keukenhof

For transportation services

Go for: Attraction transfers

Duration: Flexible

Guide: No

  • If you are worried about reaching Keukenhof Gardens, this ticket is ideal. It includes a round-trip transfer from Amsterdam to Keukenhof in a comfortable and luxurious bus.
  • The buses depart from Keukenhof every half hour, with the last one at 6:30pm. Please note that these tickets only include transportation and not entry to the Keukenhof Gardens.

Recommended tours:

From Amsterdam: Round-Trip Transfers to Keukenhof Tulip Fields

Cancellation policy

Keukenhof Garden tickets can be cancelled 24 hours before the experience commences. Make sure to check the policy before booking your tickets.

Map of Keukenhof Gardens

Before you visit Keukenhof Gardens, it's a good idea to get a general sense of its premises. Here's a map of the gardens that will help you navigate to different flower shows happening at different pavilions on-site.

Take a look!

Source: Keukenhof Gardens

Source: Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Tulip Garden highlights

Tulip Garden Keukenhof Tickets Highlights
Tulip Festival Amsterdam Tulip Garden Keukenhof Tickets
tulip field in holland
amsterdam flower parade

Keukenhof events

Anthurium and Orchid Show at Keukenhof Gardens

Anthurium and Orchid Show

21 March to 12 May, 2024

Flower show in the Beatrix Pavilion

In the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, you can find blooming Anthuriums and Orchids in the pavilion, enticing viewers with their sweet fragrance and beautiful petals.

Hyacinths and Tulip Show in Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Hyacinths and Tulip Show

21 March to 26 March, 2024

Flower show in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion

The Hyacinths and Tulip show is one of the most beautiful highlights in the Keukenhof Gardens. They are held in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion inside the premises.

Freesia and Chrysanthemum Show in the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Freesia and Chrysanthemum Show

28 March to 2 April, 2024

Flower show in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion

The Freesia and Chrysanthemum flower show is another event in the Keukenhof gardens that attract attention from all over the world.

Carnations Flower Show in Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Carnation and Summer Flowers Show

2 May to 12 May, 2024

Flower show in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion

View a colorful display of Carnations and summer flowers in this indoor flower show. Every week there is a different floral display.

Activities at Keukenhof Gardens

  • Whisper boating: Embark on a tranquil 45-minute whisper boat cruise at Keukenhof Gardens, gliding noiselessly through stunning Dutch tulip fields. Appreciate colorful views and a multilingual audio tour while learning about tulip cultivation.
  • Cycling: Another way to explore the Dutch flower fields is to go on a cycling adventure at Keukenhof Gardens. Rent bikes near the entrance, choose from 4 routes of varying lengths and discover colorful tulip landscapes and charming nooks of the gardens.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Go on an interactive adventure with the Keukenhof Gardens Scavenger Hunt. Pick up a free booklet at the entrance filled with fun facts and challenges. Once you finish the hunt, you will receive a gift from the garden's information desk!
  • Flower shows: The enchanting Flower Shows at Keukenhof Gardens are housed in diverse pavilions like Beatrix, Oranje Nassau, and Willem-Alexander. Here, you will find ever-changing displays of tulips, hyacinths, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and more!

Plan your visit to Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Pre-book your tickets
Getting There
Tulip Garden Keukenhof
Tulip Garden Keukenhof Timings

Tulip Garden Keukenhof Tickets
Tulip Garden Keukenhof
  • Free dog excrement bags
  • Locker for small items (25x55x45 cm)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bicycle racks
  • Emergency charging point for electric bicycle 
  • Charging station for electric cars
  • Food & drinks
Tulip Garden Keukenhof Accessibility
Tulip Garden Keukenhof
  • Blooming Dutch (53m): Offers a varied menu with local and international dishes. Enjoy your meal in a pleasant and comfortable dining environment.
  • Wilhelmina Paviljoen (2.5 km): Serves authentic Dutch cuisine, showcasing traditional specialties. Dine in a casual food court ambiance for a taste of Dutch heritage.
  • Hofboerderij (2.9 km): Known for quality dining with a diverse menu. Experience delicious options in a welcoming and inviting atmosphere at Hofboerderij.
Attractions Near Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
  • Zaanse Schans: The famous windmill village in Amsterdam is popularly known as the Zaanse Schans. The area consists of an array of still-functioning windmills, 18th to 19th-century houses, and wooden houses. You can also visit the cheese farm to learn about the process and a variety of cheeses.
  • Van Gogh Museum: It is one of the most famous museums in the Netherlands. It is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh's works, paintings, and drawings. It is just 300 meters away from Rijksmuseum.
  • Heineken Experience: Located in the center of the city, this historic building is the birthplace of the iconic Heineken beer that is distributed and celebrated around the world.
  • Anne Frank House: Located about 3 km away from the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s House is a biographical museum of the famous Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. It preserves the writer’s hiding place and currently holds a permanent exhibition of her life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tulip Garden Keukenhof Tickets

Where can I buy tickets to Keukenhof Tulip Gardens?

You can buy Keukenhof Tulip Garden tickets online to avoid standing in long lines and avail yourself of great deals, combo tickets, and guided tours.

What is the cost of Tulip Garden Keukenhof tickets?

Tulip Garden Keukenhof tickets are available in various price ranges starting from €33. There are multiple varieties of Tulip Garden Keukenhof tickets, each offering a unique experience.

Does Keukenhof Tulip Gardens have skip-the-line tickets?

Yes, you can buy Keukenhof skip-the-line tickets online. It is convenient and easy on the pocket.

Do Tulip Garden Keukenhof have guided tours?

Yes, Keukenhof Tulip Gardens offer guided tours. There are various kinds of Keukenhof tickets with features like guided tours, skip the line, transfer tickets, and so on. For more details, make sure to check your tickets before purchasing to enjoy an experience as per your preference.

Does the Amsterdam Tulip Festival take place at Tulip Garden Keukenhof?

Yes, Tulip Garden Keukenhof is home to the Amsterdam Tulip Festival in the Netherlands. It is the most well-known tulip festival and garden in the world, located around 35 km south of Amsterdam in the small town of Lisse.

When is the Tulip Festival being held at Tulip Garden Keukenhof?

The Tulip Festival at Tulip Garden Keukenhof will be taking place from 21st March 2024 to 12th May 2024.

What are the opening hours of Tulip Garden Keukenhof?

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens opening hours are from 21 March 2024 to 12 May 2024, from 8am to 7:30pm.

Can I pick tulips at Keukenhof?

No, you are not allowed to pick tulips at the Tulip Garden Keukenhof.

Is Tulip Garden Keukenhof wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Tulip Garden Keukenhof is wheelchair accessible.

Is it worth visiting Tulip Garden Keukenhof?

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are the world’s largest flower garden. It is a great place to feast your eyes on some colorful tulips. It is home to 7 million tulip bulbs and boasts a fantastic collection of irises, hyacinths, orchids, roses, carnations, lilies, and daffodils. It also hosts several events and activities, attracting visitors from all over the world. This makes your visit to Tulip Garden Keukenhof a wholesome experience.