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Amsterdam Tulip Season 2022 | Blooming Tulip Gardens, Tulip Festival, & More

Each year, with the advent of the spring season, the whole of Amsterdam is bathed in millions of bright and blooming flowers. The tulip season in Amsterdam marks the beginning of spring and it is celebrated with much gusto through the world-renowned Amsterdam Tulip Festival.

What is the Season for Tulips in Amsterdam?

While the Keukenhof Gardens will be opening its gates to visitors from March 24th, 2022, the best time to visit Amsterdam for tulips begins from mid-April and lasts till mid-May. Amsterdam's tulip season is short-lived every year and before you plan your visit to witness the floral festival at Keukenhof Gardens, do read on to learn more about the best time to see tulips in Amsterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amsterdam Tulip Season

Q. When does the Amsterdam Tulip Season begin?

A. The Amsterdam tulip season starts in late March and lasts till the mid of May. In 2022, the season starts from March 24th and lasts till 15th May.

Q. What is the best time to see tulips in Amsterdam?

A. The best time to see tulips in Amsterdam is from mid-April to mid-May because it's the peak of the Amsterdam tulip season where you can see the tulip flowers bloom their best.

Q. Where are the tulip fields in Amsterdam?

A. You can find the tulip fields in several locations in Amsterdam. However, the best tulip fields in Holland can be found in Bollenstreek near the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens.

Q. When will the tulips bloom in Amsterdam?

A. The tulips mostly bloom during the spring season, from mid-April to mid-May, in Amsterdam. The Tulip Festival will begin on March 24th and go on till May 15th, 2022.

Q. What is the Amsterdam Tulip Festival?

A. The Amsterdam Tulip festival marks the beginning of spring in the city. During the festival, several flower events take place as a way to welcome the spring.

Q. What is the best place to see tulips during the Amsterdam tulip season?

A. The best place to see the tulips during the tulip season is Keukenhof gardens. The garden plants around 7 million tulip bulbs in the autumn so that they bloom in the spring, and during the season, it showcases around 800 varieties of tulips.

Q. Where can I book my Keukenhof Gardens tickets for Amsterdam Tulip Season?

A. There are many tickets and guided tours with transfers from Amsterdam available for the Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2022. Book your tickets here.

Q. What is the best time to see tulips in Holland?

A. The best time to see tulips in Holland is in the month of April.